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R25 Total Station

High Precision TOTAL STATION.
With Endless Drives and Trigger Key

High accuracy and long reflectorless range are the perfect combination that makes Stonex R25/R25LR the best friend of every professional surveyor.

Cadastral, mapping, staking out, and up to high precision monitoring works: within the range of R25/R25LR Series, you will find the solution that fits your needs.

R25/R25LR comes standard with integrated onboard field software, a complete suite of applications, and an external controllers can be linked to Stonex R25/R25LR, through the Bluetooth™ wireless connection: no limitation will stop your working process.

Stonex R25/R25LR features endless friction drives for continuous horizontal and vertical rotations: no more knobs and clamps with limited movements but a more comfortable use of the station. The trigger key on the side of the instrument allows you to start the measurement very easily.


  • Angle accuracy 2”
  • 600m ReflectorlessR25
  • 1.000m ReflectorlessR25LR
  • Bluetooth
  • Endless Drive
  • SD card
  • 2 LCD