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About Us

Since its inception, AS Tech (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) has emerged as a provider of GIS solutions, which are integrated with R & D, production, sales, and services. As Tech is constantly working to improve industry informatization and the value of GIS applications, our service is fully covered by survey equipment, precise measurement systems, data processing projects, GIS systems, and smart city applications, among other things.

As always, in our independent innovation spirit, the company is committed to the geo-information industry and revitalising the national industry as our own duty as always. AS Tech also achieved the localization of survey equipment, such as the total station, GNSS products, Theodolite, and distance metre, and became the leader in survey equipment manufacturing. According to the qualification test from the National Administration of Surveying and Geo-information, AS Tech already has the technology for world-advanced level. At the same time, AS Tech is also the fastest growing company in the GIS industry.

With over 30 employees in the AS Tech Group, the company captured over 60% of the market share in the domestic market and built a seamless network. In collaboration with leading manufacturers, the company has advanced R&D technology for GNSS, UAV systems, mobile laser scanning, precise position service, and GIS software.

Adhere to the idea for Star Service, the Company focus on the professionality and real-time response to meet all the requirements of our customers. We not only insisting the importance for humanised management and regulated cooperation, but also our employee’s value.

As Tech continues to invest in the development of the geo-information industry in India, we will make strides toward becoming the leading supplier of surveying instruments and GIS solutions.